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The best fake snow on the market


Snow reporters' seal of approval. SnoWonder INSTANT SNOW has the true visual magic and wet feel of natural snow. There are several brands of artificial snow out there and our snow reporters have tested them all. They found that SnoWonder INSTANT SNOW is the closest possible imitation of the real thing and that it is whiter and has more "sparkle" than any other brand. Great for classroom science projects. Non-toxic and safe for kids of all ages.
BUCKET of Snow. Individually labeled packet as pictured above. Each BUCKET of Snow packet contains enough "secret powder" to make about ONE GALLON of snow. At just $3.75 each they make great party favors and stocking stuffers! Shipping in the USA or Canada is a flat $5.00 no matter how many you buy. In-stock and will be shipped on the next business day.

Buy 5 packets and get one FREE packet. Enter only the quantity you are paying for. We'll automatically include any FREE packets with your shipment.
BULK Snow. The perfect snowplay solution for a group of kids at a party or special event or just for everyday fun. Our LARGE bulk package contains enough powder to make approximately 10 gallons of snow (covers an area 3 feet x 4 feet x 1 inch deep). Our EXTRA-LARGE bulk package contains enough powder to make 25 gallons of snow (covers an area 10 feet x 4 feet x 1 inch deep).

Prices are shown in the drop-down menu below and include shipping to the USA or Canada. In-stock and will be shipped on the next business day.
Bulk pack size
Even BIGGER quantities: Email or call us for a competitive quote.
What exactly is it? SnoWonder INSTANT SNOW is a child-safe, environmentally friendly powder designed to imitate the properties of snow when water is added to it. It expands to 50 to 100 times its original volume in about 30 seconds. Indoors, it won't melt or blow away, lasts for weeks and can be refreshed with mist or water over and over again. It's stain-free although we'd play it safe and not use it on unfinished wood or on expensive carpets and upholstery. Outdoor use is recommended for one day events only. When used outdoors it should be spread onto a plastic tarp (so it won't be absorbed into the ground) and kept away from direct sunlight or rain.

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What's the difference? SnoWonder INSTANT SNOW (see product description above) is made to cover the floor or ground and to be played with. Indoors it can last for weeks; outdoors several hours. The Amazing Snowman snowmaking machine (see product description at right) is intended for special effects and for kids (and grownups too) to frolic in, run through or just watch. It evaporates quickly.

The Amazing Snowman
NEW! and improved snowmaking machine


The Amazing Snowman snowmaking machine.
The new and improved 40" tall Amazing Snowman is a long-awaited follow-up to the original version. This snowman is solidly constructed and is made to blow artificial, evaporative snowflakes through his mittened hands and up into the air surrounding him.

Designed primarily for non-professional home use, but can also be used for small business displays, parade floats, stage productions, etc. It can generate a very realistic snowfall up to 10 or even 20 feet away. Simply fill the snowman's fluid compartment with one bottle (2-1/2 ounces) of Evaporative Snow concentrate and 1/2 gallon of water and turn the power on. Each bottle of Evaporative Snow concentrate will provide a continuous stream of snowflakes for at least 60 minutes.  

Unlike SnoWonder INSTANT SNOW (see product at left), these snowflakes evaporate quickly (in about 90 seconds).

The Amazing Snowman can be used year-round whenever temperatures are above freezing.

Our price includes six (6) bottles of Evaporative Snow concentrate. $259.00 plus $18.00 for UPS Ground shipping in the continental USA. Email or call us for expedited shipping or for delivery to Hawaii, Alaska or Canada. Orders placed today for this brand new and improved version of The Amazing Snowman will be shipped within two business days.

Extra bottles of Evaporative Snow concentrate. Each Amazing Snowman snowmaking machine comes with six bottles. Extra bottles are available in 6-packs. Six bottles for $35.00 plus $4.50 for shipping in the USA or Canada. Although the Amazing Snowman is sold out, we have plenty of snow concentrate still in-stock.

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