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Weather sticks are the world's cheapest barometers!


Price: $68.00
Price is for 12 weather sticks
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CHEAPER BY THE DOZEN: $68 for one dozen (12) weather sticks with FREE shipping. Or purchase 3 or more dozen and get our wholesale price. See Related Products below.

OUR NEW ENGLAND WEATHER STICKS are made from the branches of Balsam Fir trees. They react to changes in the weather by pointing UP when the weather is sunny and DOWN when it's raining or snowing. They're harvested in the Great North Woods of New Hampshire and are quality inspected, tested and packaged right here at SnowSource in Rangeley Maine. Although no two weather sticks are ever the same, ours tend to be straighter than others we've seen and are never too thick, too skinny or too crooked.

Individually packaged in a clear plastic bag that contains the stick (with a pre-drilled nail hole), a bright and colorful insert that tells a little about the history of weather sticks and how they work and two mounting nails (just in case you lose one). No matter how many sticks you buy, each stick comes in its own package. Click on View More Images to see a close-up of the packaging.

World's cheapest barometers - they really work! 

FREE SHIPPING if you select USPS Priority Mail at checkout. Orders placed today will be delivered in about a week. For delivery outside the USA, see below.

WE SHIP WORLDWIDE - VIA USPS PRIORITY MAIL TO CANADA, THE UK AND WORLDWIDE. Email us for a shipping quote - we'll split the cost with you so the amount will be for only half our cost. Then... if you'd like to make a purchase, let us know the quantity and we'll email an invoice that can be paid online with a credit card or PayPal. 

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Buy 5/Get one FREE! Never too thick, too skinny or too crooked. They really work! Harvested in the Great North Woods of New Hampshire.
Weather Sticks WHOLESALE
Price: $45.00
Weather Sticks WHOLESALE
3 or more dozen for $45 per dozen
Or we'll custom-build one for you with our skis or yours.
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