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SnowSource is a small, family-owned website in business for 10 years. We compete against the e-commerce "giants" by offering things you can't find anywhere else and competitive prices on those that you can. 

Our online store is different than the rest and we think you'll find it to be fun and easy to browse... and secure. Our best selling products are shown on this page, but there's much more!

Greg and Elyse Andrews


in Rangeley Maine.

 Our most popular products ...

Build Your Own Ski Furniture

 Use your old skis. Get
frames and plans from us.

The Amazing Snowman

Snowmaking machines
& snow powder for sale.



Weather Sticks

They really work!
Holiday pricing

Hammerhead Sleds

Hammerhead Pros
available here!

Remote Control Zamboni

Resurface your home ice...
(pretend anyway).


Sno Brum

Telescopes from 27" to 42" 

Rustic Signs

Ski trail signs
Nautical alphabet signs

Snow Gauges

We've got you covered...
from 30" to 7 feet.



Marshmallow Sticks

36" long - safe blunt ends

Rolla Roasters

Rotating - telescoping
roasting forks

Stranger in the Woods

Lost in the Woods
First Snow in the Woods

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